Te Iwi Kahu International Recruitment

Elite and TIKI Recruit

Elite Wool Industry Training are excited to have partnered with, Emily Te Kapa, and her recently founded company TIKI Recruit. Initially set up to help anyone interested in finding work and training in the local and global wool industry. A shop window for contractors to find employees when required, as well as matching up employees with an employer wherever they may be. Free sign up to Tiki Recruit is available to everyone who completes an Elite Wool Industry Training course. (Offer Ends 30 November 2021).

A few words from TIKI Recruit founder, Emily Te Kapa.

I am committed to finding the right jobs for the right people. I know how hard it can be to find your place in this industry but the relief and comfort you get when you find the perfect job is the best thing we can ask for as we move through our careers.

Sign up to TIKI Recruit today and let me help you navigate the wool industry and set your sights on opportunities further afield. Visit TIKI Recruit for more information.

Our services start with looking at where you are in your career in the wool industry, connecting you to contractors and then offering gear advice and travel advice.


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